Code of conduct and polices

First Step To Stardom First International Online Reality Theatre Practice Training Show (FSTS) Authorized Code Of Conduct, Rules And Regulations And Attendance Policies For New Entries Participants. It’s Purpose Is To Set Out Regulations That Governs The Training Show.

1. Introduction

First Step To Stardom Limited is The First International Online Reality Tv Theatre Practice Training Show Aired on Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. It is first of its kind, connecting people from around the world from the comfort of your home and bringing entertainment at your doorpost.

it is a charitable organisation, Its aim and objectives are to protect vulnerable individuals from vulnerability of different sorts. Bringing dreams alive from around the world and supporting individuals who posses great talent and are passionate about acting and wants to successfully gets to limelight with ease.

2. Attendance Policy

First Step To Stardom First International Online Reality Theatre Practice Training Show (FSTS) regards attendance as a fundamental part of a student’s studies and an important prerequisite for the highest levels of achievement.

Attendance requirements for each scheduled class season is paramount and failing to attend certain classes may prevent participants from passing out with out graduating and certificate being issued, in some rare cases, their ability to continue with their studies by the discretion of the collage of judges.

Regular attendance at First Step To Stardom is required by all students in order to acquire all of the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the FULL TIME TRAINING successfully.

Students must attend a minimum of 90% of the program in order to be eligible to graduate.Any issues arising should be emailed to the line manager within 2 to 4 days of the class date and the line manager will consult with the management.

To becoming an ultimate winner of First Step To Stardom, students must maintain a very high social media rating on their acting performances {views} on all their monologues on all our social media platforms. This requirement is in addition to the minimum attendance requirements.

Participants falling below on performances both on social media rating are left at the discretion of the collage of judges .

Students will be informed at the end of each live streams how their performances are and assignments will be given to them to allow them time to put up their performances and submit on time.

Upon the completion of the 8weeks program which 4weeks intensive training course will be adequately be used to tutor all participants to acquire all skills needed to assess the creative industry, all contestants will go through a 4weeks contest stage were some participants will be evicted from the show and an ultimate winner will emerge first runner up and second runner up.

First Step To Stardom First International Online Reality Tv Theatre Practice Training Show (FSTS) are dedicated in featuring the ultimate winner, Ist runner up and 2nd runner up in all their movies if they remain core fans to the noble enterprise.

3. Code Of Conduct

Code of conduct procedure should be referred to in these circumstance . Complaints of misconduct should, wherever possible, be dealt with formally by reporting it to any of the team ,managers, brand ambassador, facilitator or of course the director.

(a) What is misconduct?

An allegation of misconduct. This may be made in writing by any member of staff or participant.

No allegation of misconduct shall take effect unless it is signed by the person making the allegations.

Where a complainant requests that his/her identity should not be disclosed the member of staff dealing with the matter shall consider the veracity of the report and judgement based on the weight of the alleged misconduct, an incident of misconduct can include, without limitation, any of the following:

(b) Any act which the Director of the First Step To Stardom has reason to believe is a breach of conduct of the Training Show, including unreasonable refusal to assist in any proceedings under this code. Conduct which brings or is likely to bring the reputation of First Step To Stardom Training Show or any of its staff or students in to disrepute.

(c) Harassment (whether of a sexual, racial or other nature) of a participant or member of the First Step To Stardom (FSTS) staff.

(d) Any act which interferes with the achievement of the objectives of First Step To Stardom Theatre Practice Training Show may be regarded as a breach of discipline or misconduct.

(e) Members of First Step To Stardom Theatre Practice Training Show’s staff who witness an incident of misconduct, or to whom such an incident is reported, shall consider whether to deal with the incident by issuing a warning.

(f) This procedure will be followed where a participant is alleged to have committed an act of misconduct. If it is deemed fit to commence this procedure, the student will be provided with a copy of this code.

(g) Alleged misconduct will immediately be transferred to the disciplinary committee.

4. Investigation

(a) The committee will carry out a proper investigation.

(b) The purpose of the investigation is to obtain all the relevant facts so that the decision reached is fair to the participant and to the First Step To Star Theatre Practice Training Show.

(c) The committee where appropriate, will examine any written evidence and shall be entitled to examine such witnesses, and conduct such other inquiries into the matters as s/he considers appropriate.

(d) These inquiries may include an invitation to the student concerned to attend at a preliminary interview via zoom.

(e) The student may be accompanied by a friend, It is not a judicial process.

( f) In the case of proved criminal offense, the accused person will be expelled.

(g) Where the Director considers that the alleged misconduct is such as to constitute a danger to any person in our First Step To Stardom Theatre Practice Training Show s/he may suspend the student prior to and during the investigation.

(h) Such suspension may be subject to a review by the director.

(i) The Director will determine the review within five working days. The Director’s decision on each review will be final.

5 Disciplinary Meeting

(a) The student will be invited to a disciplinary meeting via zoom. The student will be provided with at least 4 days written notice of the meeting.

(b) The letter inviting the student to attend will state the allegations to be considered at the meeting.

(c) inform the student of his/her right to be accompanied by a friend.

(d) inform the student that witnesses may be called in support of the complaint or by the student in support of his/her response and that relevant documentation may be considered at the meeting including any written statement by the student in response to the complaint.

(e) Copies of any documents to be produced at the interview should be enclosed with the letter.

(f) The student is required to provide copies of any documents to which s/he intends to rely on, and details of any witnesses s/he intends to call, at least 4 working days prior to the interview by mail.

(g) A formal record of the interview will be taken.

(h) The disciplinary hearing will be structured as follows:

(i) The manager will conduct the disciplinary meeting.

(j) The manager will present the results of his/her investigation.

(k) The student or friend will have the opportunity to make representations on the outcome of the investigation.

(l) The parties will have the opportunity to make closing submissions.

(m) The manager will consider his/her decision and the student will be notified of the decision in writing, within five working days of the hearing and will be informed of his/her right to appeal.

7. Disciplinary Action

(a) If at the conclusion of the meeting it is found that there has been misconduct, any one of the following disciplinary actions may be taken:

(b) warning the student of the possible consequences of any further misconduct. the warning to be confirmed in writing and to remain on the student’s record for 4 weeks or until the student leaves First Step To Stardom, whichever is the earlier.

(c) Or reprimanding the student, such reprimand to be confirmed in writing and to remain on the student’s record for 4 weeks or until the student leaves First Step To Stardom, whichever is the earlier.

(d) The student shall be notified of the outcome of the meeting within two working days and notification of the decision will be sent to First Step To Stardom If the case is dismissed, any records of the case shall be destroyed.

8. Appeals

(a) An appeal against the decision of the disciplinary committee chaired by the manager shall be made to the Director.

(b) In either case, an appeal must be submitted in writing within 3 days of written notification of the decision being sent to the student. The appeal should set out the grounds for appeal. These must relate to:

(c) Any penalty shall remain in force pending any appeal and its resolution.

(d) The student shall be invited to an appeal hearing, and shall be provided with 4 days’ notice. The appeal will not be a re-hearing of the matters which were the subject of the disciplinary meeting.

(e) The student must submit any further written information in support of the appeal, to the Director or the Board of First Step To Stardom, as appropriate, not less than 2 working days in advance of the hearing.

(f) The appeal decision will be final. In the case of an appeal before the Director, the decision will be notified to the Committee of First Step To Step online Theatre Practice Training Show.

9. Rules And Regulations

(a) Assault or serious threatening behavior via chat, audio or phone calls is prohibited.

(b) Disruption or improper interference with, any activities of the classroom while on live show or classroom platform (on Whatsapp ).

(c) Harassing someone sexually by extracting contact details from platform or sending nude pictures is tantamount to disciplinary hearing and may result to dismissal.

(d) Using inappropriate words to anyone in the classroom both on live streams are prohibited.

(e) Any criminal offense committed by extorting money from fellow participants or graduates on First Step To Stardom is automatic dismissal.

(f) No Alcohol consumption or smoking on our live streams.

(g) Abusive or unreasonable behavior, or behavior which causes or is likely to cause fear or distress to others whilst on our classroom or on live streams.

(h) A serious breach of First Step To Stardom Regulations.

(i) Failure to comply with policies and/or directions relating to the effective operation of the theatre practice training Show or obstruction of or improper interference with the functions, duties or activities of any member of staff or other employee of the training show.

(j) Failure to comply with a previously imposed penalty under this code or failure to respond positively to cautions.

(k) Failure to comply with First Step to Stardom Codes of Practice.

(l) Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to the First Step To Stardom First international online Theatre practice training show or its staff or in relation to being a participant of the training show.

(m) No challenging of participants or staff on live stream, every issues MUST be settled in the classroom.

(n) All students must be presentably dressed at all times during our live shows.

(o) late coming to live stream has consequences of mark reduction by the college of judges description.

(p) bringing family and friends to vote for you is mandatory and one of the requirements to succeed on the show.

(q) sharing of live streams and your monologues carries 40% mark

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