Terms & Conditions

Participant’s for all next coming season of the first step to Stardom Reality tv Show online training, are advised to carefully consider the following terms and conditions for participation.

A. Send 5 copies of your current photo shot to this email: support@newdiscoverytv.org

B. Send a 1min amateur video of a monologue performance record with your phone.

C. After been shortlisted, you are required to abide and adhere strictly to participation rules and regulations.

D. On no account should a set training or rehearsal or live streaming be missed. It carries immediate disqualification.

E. Participants are required to be fully prepared, making time available throughout the programme, have access to unlimited data for training and live streaming and a functional Android phone or computer device.

F. Participants must use all their social media handle to direct fans, family and friends to follow and support them with comments, votes and likes as the program progress.

I. On no account should a participant cause deviation in the house or raise issues that will distort the smooth operations of the event. All complaints are to be channeled through recognized staff of the New discovery tv London team.

J. The training is completely free, however every participant is required to publicize the show, using all available social media platforms.

K. After Eviction, participants are required to conduct themselves is appropriate manners that will further strengthen the ties between them and event organizers.

L. All advise, recommendations and inputs should be forwarded to appropriate staff of New Discovery tv London and not an information for public debate.

M. Failure to adhere strictly to this rules and in the event that it course damage for the first step to Stardom brand, may attract litigation.

N. Congratulations, welcome on board and best wishes.


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